A EISERT ChoiceSay,See.Hea. Do Noth.PB033556-001 (1) (1)
Powers 1984 Copyright © Eisert Hall

“The man described for us, whom we are invited to free, is already in himself the effect of subjection much more profound than himself. A ‘soul’ inhabits him and brings him to existence…the soul is the effect and instrument of political anatomy; the soul is the prison of the body.”
― Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison

This interactive installation presented three large paintings. Only one of the three is shown here: Choice: See, Hear, Say Do Nothing; 9 X 16 feet;
Other paintings: The Prisoner’s Story, 9 x 25 feet; And Powers, 9 x 16 feet. Text of Stanford University Experiment, 1971 and reflecting surfaces posted.

Inspiration: Community life, perception, observation, studies and reflection.
Books: Michel Foucault: The Birth of the Prison; Aldus Huxley, 1984.
Volunteer work, Correctional Institute, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada; Sociology Studies, University of Lethbridge; Residency in New York and travel to Rome, Florence, Italy. Research: Museums, Cathedrals, Uffizi Gallery, Florence; Medieval Painters generally including Cimabue, Duccio.

Exhibition: Peace Conference, Montreal.

Supported by Canada Council Award

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