Kenneth Elvyn Davy – Peniscola Castle

ken pictures 3 006
Picture size – 40cm by 76cm.
Copyright © Kenneth Elvyn Davy

English painter
Originally from Skipton, Yorkshire, England
Ken has lived in Vinaros, Spain for the past seven years.
Ken is a musician (he plays the Euphonium) and an artist.

An English gentleman who has brought his musical and artistic talent to Vinaros, Spain. Kenneth Elvyn Davy was born near Keighley, West Yorkshire. After leaving primary school he attended Keighley Arts and Crafts College where he learnt the trade of Bookbinder, the career that he followed in England. Ken indicates that although art runs in his family, it was at the college that he became interested in painting and drawing. Many years passed, however, before he was able to follow his desire to put brush to canvass. It was when, prior to his retirement, he became a member of ¨The Craven Art College¨ in Skipton,England that he was able to focus on his art. Shortly after retiring Ken moved to Spain, giving him new vistas to paint and some time, although not as much as necessary, for his artistic endeavours.

The painting presented is of Peniscola Castle which is located close to where Kenneth lives in Spain.