Futbol – Nieves Estraje

This painting shows the beauty of sport,  melding cubism with a touch of abstract art. Ms Estraje uses her medium with skill and definition and chooses colours that display the elegance of the sport she has chosen to show us.

I provide a quote from Mary Acton, an English writer who has written the book, ¨Learning to Look at Modern Art¨, published in 2004 by Routledge. In one chapter of this book, Ms. Acton wrote about light and colour, indicating that the fascination with painting light in terms of colour is largely a nineteenth-century phenomenon.  She indicates that it is seen at its best in the work of artists like Turner and the impressionists. She indicates that it was not only helped by Turner´s understanding of science but also with his technical expertise with watercolour.    Mary Acton wrote about Turner´s great watercolours of the 1840´s  which allowed the form of buildings to loom forward in an astonishingly three-dimensional way and appear to float on the surface of the water. This expertise can also be seen in Nieves Estraje´s watercolour paintings. The figures in her work futbol similarly move forward and capture the sense and dynamism of the sport.

One looks  forward to more of Ms. Estraje´s sports series.

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