Polo -Nieves Estaje

Our Argentinian and Spanish award winning artist Nieves Estaje returns to charaleeg´s Word Press Art Chat

Her work brings a sense of feeling and warmth for the viewer to enjoy. The work, Polo, is reminiscent of the paintings of Paolo Uccello and his focus on the importance of perspective.  Nieves captures Uccello´s style which is brought to the 21st century with the elements of the light and subtlety employed by Edgar Degas in his impressionist works. Again of the importance of perspective,  sculpturing and conveying a sense of balance in Degas works, Woman Bathing in a Shallow Tub, 1885 and The Parade, also known as Race Horses in front of the Tribunes Circa 1866-1868 show similarities in style to Estaje´s painting.

See links for:

The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello http://www.uffizi.org/artworks/the-battle-of-san-romano-by-paolo-uccello/

Woman bathing in a Shallow Tub http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/29.100.41

The Parade http://www.musee-orsay.fr/en/collections/works-in-focus/search/commentaire.html?no_cache=1&zoom=1&tx_damzoom_pi1%5BshowUid%5D=4062

Polo © Nieves Estaje


Polo 2

The Caleche Ride.


 Photo © 2012 Kamal / www.photofade.com


Cornelius Krighhoff (1815 – 1872)

The photograph, taken in 2008 in Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada takes us back to the 1800s. The caleche ride in 2008 could have been a study for the 1861 painting of the popular Dutch-Canadian painter, Cornelius Kreighoff. The photo captures the winter landscape and Montreal´s desire to preserve history and recreate the past.

Text © 2012 Charalee Graydon /www.photofade.com

The Toll Gate 1861 The National Gallery of Canada
Cornelius Krighhoff (1815 – 1872)

Patinated Bronze

Imagephotographs courtesy of Ron Hall

A-Maze-Ing Laughter (artist Yue Minsun, China) Patinated Bronze


Where can you find ¨A-Maze-Ing Laughter¨? We know that you can find it at Morton Park at English Bay, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This art exhibition is part of the Vancouver Biennale 2009.2011.

Photographer, Ron Hall, indicated:

¨People love to have themselves photographed in front of one of them (the¨Bronze statues), often with their hands open by the ears.¨

The importance and meaning of laughter? We invite you to comment on Vancouver´s ¨ Biennale exhibition of Yue Minsun´s ¨ A-Maze-Ing Laughter¨.

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Photography and Otto Dix


© 2012, Kamal /  / www.photofade.com

Photography and Otto Dix

German painter, Otto Dix (1891-1969) was featured in a recent exhibition in Montreal, Canada at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibtion was held from December 24, 2010 to January 2, 2011. To promote the exhibition, storefronts in Montreal showed reproductions of some of the Dix paintings. Photographer, Kamal, from Photofade, took photographs of the reproductions, combining art and culture with commerce. The title of the Exhibiton, ¨Rouge Caberet: the Terrifying and Beautiful World of Otto Dix¨ becomes even more terrifying or more beautiful in Kamel´s Photographic works of art.

Text © 2012 Charalee Graydon

Beauty of Nature


Photo copyright Ron Hall, summer, 2012 Vancouver
Vancouver focuses on lines and curves in its architecture that mix the beauty of nature with modern design. The photographer has captured the image of Vancouver, an inviting and beautiful city.
2012. Copyright Charalee Graydon

A Modern Mona Lisa.

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                        Copyright 2012 ©  Ferran Escote A Modern Mona Lisa.  Supreme art is a traditional statement of certain heroic and religious truth, passed on from age to age, modified by individual genius, but never abandoned. William Butler Yeats Leonardo Da Vinci´s Mona Lisa can… Read more.

New Art Bursts Forth! New Ideas Erupt!


Copyright 2012 ©  Photo: Françoise Manodritta

New Art Bursts Forth! New Ideas Erupt!

Photofade journalist Charalee Graydon speaks with artist Mariannic Parra about her recent mixed media art works that combine volcanic ash with other media including poetry. The luminosity of the paintings responds to the light in which they are placed providing movement and colour variation. New ideas erupt from the poetry that accompanies each work allowing the viewer to reflect, to respond and to take part in the art experience.

The Parra works were exhibited at the 8th Salon d´Art Contemporian 2011 organised by the Association Elan d´Art art the Corum in Montpellier, France in November.

Watch for the upcoming article in Photofade discussing additional works and accompanying poetry of Parra.-Art.

Copyright 2012 © Charalee Graydon 

Parra- Art Erupts in Montpellier, France


Copyright 2012 © Charalee Graydon

Parra- Art Erupts in Montpellier, France

New mixed media art in Southern France highlights man’s interaction with nature. Materials used by artist, Mariannic Parra include volcanic ash and volcanic dust. Her art incorporates elements from the the natural environment and marks natural phenomenon that have happened and are happening as the 21st century unfolds. Another dimension to Parra- art is provided by the poetry of Jean-Pierre Parra that accompanies each art work and is communicated in text and video recordings. The recordings can be accessed on the Parra website.www.parra-art.com.

Parra-art was exhibited at the 8th Salon d´Art Contemporian 2011 organised by the Association Elan d´Art art the Corum in Montpellier, France in November. This journalist had the opportunity to attend the atelier of the Parr-art and saw the diversity of works on display: sculpture, designed drawings, paintings and books of poetry. With the fast pace of development and disappearance of art styles in the 21st century one must ask whether this combination of procedure, image and text will endure the rigours of the art world? One marker that has been achieved by Parra-art is its exhibitions around the world, including exhibitions in France, Italy, Taiwan, Israel and in North America.

The natural world inspires the artist and the artist, in turn, returns his or her vision of art to record and shape his or her interaction with the natural world. Examples of artists throughout history have used and responded to natural phenomena and the natural environment. It has been documented that when Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, he employed the procedure of pozzolana (mixing lime, water and volcanic ash) which he spread on the surface of the chapel before starting to paint the intricate figures.[1] I has also been suggested that the spectacular sunsets and yellow colour in the palate of artist J.M. W. Turner was created in response to the high levels of volcanic ash in the atmosphere during the 1820´s in England. [2]


Mariannic Parra´s use of materials from the earth´s natural environment and Jean- Pierre Parra´s interpretation of the social context being addressed provide record an art style from the 21st century and speak clearly about mankind´s fragile place on the planet earth.[3]

Âme nue triste
postée sur tous les chemins de marche quotidiens
tu apprends
sombres secrets tombés des plis de la vie
dans la solitude
qui tu es
pour inapaisé
pleurer longuement
devant la porte verrouillée du rêve rêvé

Parra-art is exhibiting a recent work, “Silence unguarded” (2004 Volcanic sand, 150-120-6 cm) at the Picture Cultural Art (University of California)

Silence non gardé

Silence non gardé
pousser le cri
avant d’être dompté
par le sommeil qui dépose
dans la poussière de la mort

Loin des fatigues et des souffrances
dernière frontière souhaitée
de ses lèvres amollies en anneau
non refusées
qui aiment pour couvrir
Parra dans Polyptyques aux Editions Sol’Air

English translations of the poems can be obtained from Parra-art and it is understood that books of poetry can be obtained by contacting Amazon. Visits to Parra-art in Montpellier, France can be arranged by contacting Parra-art www.parra-art.com


[3] http://www.weareoca.com/fine_art/volcano-ash-inspires-artists/

Spain Brings Us a New Dream


                                                           © 2012 Ferran Escote

Spain Brings Us a New Dream

Vibrant colour returns to the canvas in Ferran Escote´s recent paintings. An exhibition in the Municipal centre of Vinaros, Spain from the 22nd of November to the 11th of December, 2011 showed a number of large scale works of vibrant colour. Works of still life exaggerating the still but bringing views that beautify the often stark city landscape. Even the faceless blocks of buildings that Ferran Escote has painted bring colour and a sense of light to the cityscape.

Escote provides a fantasy world for everyone. This cityscape is bordered by polka-dotted and striped clouds. There is a sense of order and disorder that brings a feeling of movement to the work. Pink tulips, stars, stripes and polka dots form a diametric composition that plays with our sense of fantasy and reality. It is a work that is fun to look at and that engages the viewer. We are taken back to our childhood but we know that we are adults. The large scale dimensions (2 m.x 2 m.) remind us that we are grown but this dream has become larger than life. The painting reminds us of children’s games and colouring books. This is our new colouring book, a new toy and game that Ferran Escote has created for us.

Spain, a country where Gaudi brought us great architectural achievements. Spain, the literary world of Cervantes and home of Don Quixote. Spain and El Greco´s vision of spirituality. Spain, a young democracy where a modern painter seeks to show us a new urban landscape of intense colour. He employs floral and marine decoration with green space that reminds us of where we are, what was created for us and what we have done and will do with that creation. Art that can be said to be a vision of a new urban landscape.

This work is not fantasy but what may become reality, a world sensitive to the earth´s treasures. A world of light and colour shown in a painting that displays not the ¨surreal¨ but ¨beyond real¨. A dream that takes us to a different and perhaps better place with Spanish sensibility that is clearly visible in its festivity and light.

Ferran Escote has exhibited his paintings around the world, from Miami to the Dominican Republic and throughout Spain. He is a native of Vinaros, Spain where the city of Vinaros has paid homage to the artist by exhibiting his work in the town hall (ayuntamiento) of the city.

You can see more of Ferran Escote´s work by visiting www.ferranescote.com or Ferran Escote on You Tube.

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