His projects are vast and appeal to many interests. I am pleased to be able to share his site with you.



I will go to Vancouver and Vancouver Island for a short trip this spring. It will be nice to visit my relatives and friends while there.

I post one of my favorite paintings produced as part of a work by my aunt, artist Eisert Hall who I will be visiting, I look forward to seeing her new work.

Will take photos and post good ones of the trip.





Winter Wildlife and Landscape Photography – Barry Phipps

Barry has shared some of his 2018 photography with me, which I now share with you.

His photographs of birds and animals are hard to equal. He captures both in their natural environment and provides the landscapes of the area where he photographs them.

A beautiful blend of colors of a Southern Alberta Sunset


A short-eared owl photographed east of Calgary.


One of 14 Snowy Owls seen while on a nature Calgary trip – photographed east of Calgary.


Snowy Owl perched on top of a power pole searching for voles moving under the snow.

_dsc3288 (6) snowy owl

A coyote photographed while on a walk on a cold winter day in the Wealselhead Park in Calgary.

_dsc3174 (2)

Prairie Falcon – a rare visitor in Alberta winters.

The close of another lovely winter day.



Thank you Barry for sharing these photos with me and my WordPress followers.




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Thank you to those who are following this site.

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