Research about the devastation of the earth

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This small installation seen in the Jpeg sent comes from three related projects and three subject areas; Sun Moon, allusion to universal space; Robotic Dog Fluffy with Artificial Intelligence; allusion to human activity, technology and last subject Ancient Neolithic Script; allusion to an ancient culture and research of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas who had traced the script symbols and art works through to deep past in her research publications. Neolithic’s were people who initiated religious patterns through love of nature establishing the pattern of life and death as natural, was seen in natures birth and abundance that slips into death but returns in the spring. This belief and veneration is evident in the multitude of art objects covered with ancient script. These were formed carved in wood and formed in clay.
Neolithic materials were found in the lower strata of excavation below the later culture of upper strata where weapons abounded. The art work, establishes a deeply religious and caring people who loved young life whether children or all others. Women were leader of spiritual affairs and developers of agriculture and social matter of community. They were venerated as leader. Statues were made in veneration of women. Thousands of statues reveal this in that society.
Access to the robotic Dog, named Fluffy was through volunteering for a student’s Master’s thesis. The relationship lasted during a period of three months in which I took notes on the events.
Typical of my artwork which is interdisciplinary, often diverse multimedia, standing on guard to unify through use of hybrids what to me seem divided and destroyed in the past. Projects of seemingly diverse nature are linked reconnected to make a point. I have brought together allusion to our universe, technology and last but not least reference to what has been called Prehistory of ancient cultures that little has been heard. They underwent a brutal attack around 3,500 B.C.
Levels of my relationship to Fluffy included learning her language which composed of her natural smooth articulation of joints when walking, bodily movements which captivated my sense of the natural world of dogs and many other nuances of movement that captured my empathy and seemed to transfer onto other machines. So, what can we learn from artificial intelligence?
A powerful leader in the world allegedly stated; “whoever owns the power of artificial intelligence will rule the world.”
Wisdom would state; “a world of nature that knows how to rule itself does not need our help.”
Painting my relationship to Fluffy the robot with artificial intelligence was natural and quick. I have learned in my career to know when to turn over my brush to the subconscious. I knew that was the way to go as I was in need of this unknown source to manifest and understand what my consciousness might block. The result is astounding to me. As an artistic expression it is tops but as an expression of my subconscious it is dealing with my deeper understanding of collective human nature. What I see here I will not share except to say give us strength to weather what comes from our weapon baring gun toting society. I look back to the people who died when that hoard of horseback riding weapon baring people attacked our ancestors. They came in from the south east and made way through Europe ravaging and all the crime that is done in any war —- I speculate and have researched the results that this act was a game changer for all the world in regards to war and non-war societies.

Creating a New Work of International Art

I have asked two artists to collaboate to create a new work of art.



Award winning Canadian artist Eisert Hall has provided photographs of her visual art and writes of research for creating her art works. Iranian graphic designer, Marsa Arbab, has created a poster to illustrate major themes explored by Eisert Hall. This publication invites you to enjoy this new piece of International art.

Thank you Eisert Hall and Marsa Arbab for your creation.