Bird Stories from Canada – BIRD STORIES CONTINUES

You are being guided by the moon and the beautiful snowy owl. They want you to experience life in the region of central and southern Alberta, Canada. You are being introduced to some of the Snowy Owl´s friends:

Photo 1 is of a mature Bald Eagle on a flyby at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, in Calgary.


Photo 2 is of a Northern Hawk Owl in Strathcona County.


Photo 3 is of an abandoned Farm Home near Bittern Lake Ab.


Photo 4 is of a rare sighting of the Gyr Falcon hunting pigeons at the Alberta Grain Terminals in Edmonton. Fascinating site to view and photograph this Arctic visitor that calls Edmonton it s home from Nov- March.


Photo 5 A Prairie Falcon also hunting at the Alberta Grain Terminal in Edmonton.


Photo 6 A Short-Eared Owl resting.


The Moon,Snowy Owl, Barry and I hope you have enjoyed the photos. Snowy Owl will continue dreaming of a positive future in her Canadian home.

Photography by Barry Phipps, Calgary, Alberta 2015 and 2016

Bird Stories from Canada


The story begins…

The first photo is of the Beautiful December Moon rising over Inglewood Bird Sancutary, Calgary, Alberta.

The second photo is a female Snowy Owl that calls rural Alberta her winter home before returning to the Arctic in the early spring, photographed in Bittern Lake Alberta.

The third photo is her friend the Rough-legged Hawk coming in for a landing after an afternoon of hunting. Photographed south of Strathmore, Alberta.

The story began when the Snowy Owl saw the moon and began her dream as to what will happen to her and her kind in the future.She has many friends in the bird kingdom and spends much time contemplating their future. She would like to introduce you to some of her friends and the area they inhabit.




Photos taken by Barry Phipps, Calgary, Alberta.

Thanks Barry for sharing the photos.