Becoming Aware of Our Species

This article made me realize that my book of science-fiction, Can We Save The Human Race?is not completely a work of fiction.

The journalist, Dal, recognises, “It is not always clear what is fiction and what is reality.”

This article causes us to think that we may need to redefine our reality, make changes to our economic, social and medical systems. All are explored in my work of science-fiction. Can We Save the Human Race? The The difference, it is a book, not real life. Isn´t it?

Enjoy the book. Reality or fantasy?



The world is on the brink of destruction. Problems of overpopulation, inequality of income, corrupt governments, pollution and climate change have become insurmountable. Countries around the world have become uninhabitable. It is predicted the human race will not last beyond the end of the century. Can anything be done?

The country of Torcia has created clones at one of its forensic center´s to explore and develop a new world order. A journalist follows the story of the country’s attempt to save the human race. She enters a dystopian world and finds a meeting place of good and evil. She witnesses atrocities of brain modification and mind control experiments as well as sexual and physical abuse of clones. Will she overcome the hurdles encountered in her attempt to gather and distribute the news about what is happening at the Center? For the journalist this has become a matter of life and death.

Can We Save the Human Race is a book about the past for the future

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