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Let´s Play the Game

Let´s Play the Game is a companion to my book, The Judgement Game, (published in 2013). It is an activity book for schools, reading groups and classes in critical thinking, ESL, legal theory, crime and punishment. The book is a series of games and exercises asking groups to use collaborative methods for decision making. Models of collaboration form the basis for group discussion of the games and problems. I have written the book with contribution of games from Sarah Hague, a writer of educational resources for children and Kathy Porter, Mediatior and conflict resolution specialist for multi-party collaboration.

Let´s Play the Game is about collaborating with other readers by gathering and sharing ideas about stories in the book. Diversity of opinion, creativity and collaboration by the group is rewarded. It allows people to use the advances of science and technology in a manner that responds to the realities of human life. Everyone who provides their ideas is a winner.

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