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Polo -Nieves Estaje

Our Argentinian and Spanish award winning artist Nieves Estaje returns to charaleeg´s Word Press Art Chat

Her work brings a sense of feeling and warmth for the viewer to enjoy. The work, Polo, is reminiscent of the paintings of Paolo Uccello and his focus on the importance of perspective.  Nieves captures Uccello´s style which is brought to the 21st century with the elements of the light and subtlety employed by Edgar Degas in his impressionist works. Again of the importance of perspective,  sculpturing and conveying a sense of balance in Degas works, Woman Bathing in a Shallow Tub, 1885 and The Parade, also known as Race Horses in front of the Tribunes Circa 1866-1868 show similarities in style to Estaje´s painting.

See links for:

The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello

Woman bathing in a Shallow Tub

The Parade

Polo © Nieves Estaje

Polo 2

About Charalee Graydon

Art Chat introduces art, photography, poetry and narrative and invites submissions from artists and poets from around the world who wish to share their work. Due to demand and time constraints not all work is able to be accepted for publication. Charalee works closely with in producing the materials for this site. The technical and artistic expertise of Kamal at Photofade and those who help with translation is recognized and appreciated.. All images and materials are the property of the artist. No reproduction is allowed without authorization.

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