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Announcement Rhodes 110th Anniversary – September 2013


Ground Breaking 75 million donation to Rhodes Trust by Oxford Alumni John MacBain. Bringing the Rhodes Trust into the 21st Century with exciting proposals for the development of the trust.

004 (2)

Both John MacBain and I attended Wadhame College during our time at Oxford.


The Sheldonian Theatre where the announcement was made and where we graduated some years ago.


My bookmark and my book which I shared with the other scholars at the reunion.

026 Time to Relax!

About Charalee Graydon

Art Chat introduces art, photography, poetry and narrative and invites submissions from artists and poets from around the world who wish to share their work. Due to demand and time constraints not all work is able to be accepted for publication. Charalee works closely with in producing the materials for this site. The technical and artistic expertise of Kamal at Photofade and those who help with translation is recognized and appreciated.. All images and materials are the property of the artist. No reproduction is allowed without authorization.

3 responses to “Announcement Rhodes 110th Anniversary – September 2013

  1. Diego ⋅

    Interesantes fotos Charalee; veo que no paras, me alegra de que te mantengas tan activa. Te deseo mucha suerte, en todo lo que hagas. Nos vemos en Vinaros, esta haciendo una temperatura fantástica por aqui. Cuidate. Bsss

  2. Phil Bolhuis ⋅

    Looks like a special time Charalee, Congratulations on the new book.

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