Remembering – Camino de Santiago August 29, 2013

PILGRIMAGE I Porto to Santiago [2011],
PILGRIMAGE II Salamanca to Santiago [abandoned] [2012]
OR PILGRIMAGE III Lisbon to Porto [2013]

August 29, 2013, 7 -9 p.m. Inter Nations Montpellier Art & Photography Meeting on Skype with Stephen Nicholls who will be discussing his trips on the Camino de Santiago
Copyright © Stephen Nicholls photography and text

Avignon – Palace de Papes

Avignon 2013 012
Copyright Charalee Graydon, 2013

The history of conflict in medieval times. The same issues as today, expanding territory, power and riches. We have only changed the weapons.

L’histoire du conflit à l’époque médiévale. Les mêmes questions qu’aujourd’hui, l’expansion du territoire, puissance et richesse. Nous avons seulement changé les armes.

La historia de los conflictos en la época medieval. Los mismos problemas que hoy, ampliando el territorio, el poder y las riquezas. Sólo hemos cambiado las armas.

Avignon 2013 013

A Summer Evening in Southern France

The ambience was perfect as was the music and voice at the August 10th organ concert at L´Eglise St. Pierre, Montpellier, France. From Germany, Josef Miltschitzky organist and Sozanna Jutz, soprano provided an afternoon of splendid music for concert attendees. The programme provided works from Battiste, Bonnet, Vierne, Wagner, Guilmant and Wilkus.

Concert d´orgue Aug. 2013 002

An excellent way to spend a summer evening in southern France.

Concert d´orgue  C Aug. 2013 003



The Judgement Game asks you to play a game. This work of fiction provides a series of vignettes to allow you to take part in the criminal and civil justice systems of your country, Torcia. The game seeks your comments about the offences and your ideas about penalties imposed on Torcia´s offenders. The Judgement Game is about returning justice to the people.

You exist; you are real. Torcia and its offenders and victims are fictitious and created for you to play the game.

The Judgement Game is the modern literature of crime and punishment.


A link will be provided on the website, under construction, to where you will be able to purchase The Judgement Game.