Signac – Musee Fabre Exhibition – Montpellier, France

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Montpellier´s, Musee Fabre exhibition of French artist, Paul Signac (1863-1935) provides a treasure for those who love colour, water and modern art. The exhibition is titled, The Colours of Water and invites us to take a voyage. The voyage covers not only Signac´s life´s work but his scientific exploration of the use of colour,light and the natural environment. It covers his painting techniques and the development of neo-expressionism and the style of pointillism. It illustrates his diversity as an artist in the variety of mediums he employs from watercolour, oil and canvas, drawing and ink wash. Paul Signac, with others such as Georges Seurant, was a neo-impressionist artist and creator who inspired artists and photographers around the world to take on and continue the voyage.

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There is life in the works displayed; the colours and presentation of Signac´s works and his archives capture a feeling that the voyage is a pleasant one. From the painting of Signac on his boat, by Theo Von Rysselbergne, as one enters the exhibition to comments taken from a letter Signac wrote, as one completes the exhibition, about the setting and inspiration he found in Saint Tropez, this exhibition, in the south of France, is fitting.

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Arts Report Broadcast – Canadian Artist – Eisert Hall

You have been following my posts of the Canadian artist Eisert Hall for several months. As indicated to my readers, I am posting a link to a broadcast with the Vancouver radio station, citr´s Arts Report and broadcaster Matt Granlund.



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Condolences to the families of the victims of the recent train crash in Spain at SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA.

The Montpellier Arts & Photography Group will be hosting an evening on August 29, 2012 to discuss the pilgrimages taken by Stephen Nicolls, the English photographer who has made three pilgrimages and is preparing for his fourth in June, 2014.Stephen´s photographs and website have been posted on my previous Word Press post of July 15, 2013.

We will pause during the meeting to remember the people killed in the recent train crash and their families.

Copyright © Stephen Nicholls photography

Camino de Santiago – One Man´s Journey


An incredible story and incredible photos of a route that has been followed by people in their search for the meaning of their lives, this world and what lies beyond. Three pilgrimages to date … are shared with us in his website.

Copyright © Stephen Nicholls photography and text from the website

“I manage to keep dry under an umbrella, drinking beer and enjoying tapas.” Stephen´s words.

The route continues and Stephen will be returning for another journey and to bring back more relections to share with you.

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