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05.Ancient Retrievals.01993
Copyright © Eisert Hall

Ancient Retrieval Series, Encoded Memory; Ecofeminist Projects 1988 – 98
Installation: 9’ x 18’ painting print, sculpture, 5’ and 6’
Canvas is stained and painted in a quasi Modernist 20th century manner. Ancient Neolithic non deciphered script has been carved into wood blocks which are painted and used to print on the canvas. Space time present and past are collapsed by this mirroring effect.
Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Selected Out of Ten Projects
Wood Buffalo Park Artist Residency Project, Residence on site, Western Canadian Wilderness, to protect Old Boreal Forest, Alberta, Canada; Public Collection
Believing is Seeing Both Sides, Installation, The Works, Royal Bank window 9’ x 15’ woodblock print on paper, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;
Cosmologies Installation & Writing Drawing on Wall & Wash Performance, Installation, Paint Spot, White Ave. Edmonton Alberta, Canada; Parthenogenesis Installation, Collaboration, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Big Rock & Arroyo Performance Event; Installation, Collaboration, Museum of Contemporary Art Grounds; Santa Fe, N.M. USA; Fringe Festival, Edmonton Alberta, Canada; Selected; “Pick of the Fringe,”

Award, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism

Information from Joseph Campbell, The language of the Goddess, Marija Gimbutas, emeritus professor of European Archaeology, UCLA

“Rosetta Stone… establish(s) a glossary of hieroglyphic signs … classification and descriptive interpretation of some two thousand symbolic artifacts from the earliest Neolithic village sites of Europe c.7000 to 3500 B.C. Marija Gimbutas has been able …prepare fundamental glossary of pictorial motifs… keys to the mythology of that… undocumented era, but also to establish on the basis of these interpreted signs the main line and themes of a religion in veneration, both of the universe as the living body of a Goddess-Mother Creator; and of all the living things within it as partaking of her divinity a religion, one … perceives…”

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