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Triptychs Series 1985-87
The Bride, detail ; Pascal & the Wilderness, Tree of Life; Tree of Death; Angels, Bride I & II, & Pascal;
4 triptychs each, 8’ x 8’
The Bride 1985 Copyright © Eisert Hall
“…the present culture is caught between ages. This results in discomfort even confusion. As I create these works I am aware of a struggle in my own integration. The future struggling with the past, the mind wanting the spirit as integral; emotions stilled by a question that emerges from the process of creation. I do not see my own multi level struggle as a solitary quest; it is a quest resulting from an age that is demanding a more total integration. Room is being made for both the mystic and the scientist…” Excerpt, Eisert Hall Notes, 1985
Inspiration: Patterson Ewen, Mural painting, 1981, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada; Residencies intermittent; New York 1984-5, Research; New York; Marcel Duchamps, a urinal, “Fountain;” Robert Rauschenberg, Paintings, Combine works; Claus Oldenberg and Coose van Bruggan, soft sculptures of utilitarian electronic objects, ; 12th century Italy, Cimabue, Duccio, Massacio, Uffizi Gallery; Leighton Artist Centre 1985, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
Exhibitions; 1990- 91 Works Festival; Edmonton, Alberta Canada; 1987 Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada;
1991- 92 Combine Paintings, 2’x 4’ Design Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;
1989, Dialogue Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 1989 Neopersona, New York, USA

Eisert Hall´s website is:

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