This is a biography and autobiography of the art work of Eisert Hall, a Canadian artist.  Eisert is an award winning Canadian artist living off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

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1978 Environments Within & Without – Communication Centres

Artist´s Comment

This two dimensional collage photograph shows one of seven box puppet centers of Eisert Hall’s interactive installation, the first of its kind exhibited at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Curator, Allan McKay, Inspiration: Toronto, 1958 / 64; New York, 1969 / 70, Canada Council Award.

From  M. McLuhan, The Medium is the Message.

 When information is simultaneous from all directions at once, the culture is auditory and tribal regardless of its past or its concepts.”

‘Environments are not passive wrappings, but active processes which work us over completely, massaging the ratio of the senses and imposing their silent assumptions. But environments are invisible. Their ground-rules, pervasive structure, and overall patterns elude easy perception.

Eisert Hall´s

Report from Lifelong Learning Programme Exchange in Slovakia and Prague

2012 Slovakia 0802012 Lifelong Learning Project Material 0322012 Slovakia 0582012 Slovakia and Prague 0752012 Slovakia and Prague 0982012 Slovakia and Prague 0542012 Slovakia and Prague 0942012 Slovakia and Prague 0992012 Slovakia and Prague 0972012 Slovakia and Prague 1332012 Slovakia and Prague 0662012 Slovakia and Prague 124Photographic Report from Charalee Graydon and Pilar Bueno Fernandez, two of the Lifelong Learning Project Exchange Students who attended the Technical Institue of Zvolen and the University of Prague in December, 2012.

Charalee and Pilar presented, along with students from Castellon, information about the programme for Majors at Universidad Jaime I. They spoke about the activities and lifestyle of the city of Vinaros, where the Universidad per Majors has a branch. They shared information about the anthropology blog and the courses and activities offered at their University. The professors and students in Zvolen and Prague similarly shared information about their courses and activities and, moreover, provided the group from Spain with a unique and memorable Christmas experience.