Ancient Rituals

MARTA ARBAB – Graphic Artist

This young artist, only 26 years old, has studied at the prestigious Alzahra University in Tehran and after six years of study obtained both her Bachelor´s and Master´s Degrees in Graphic Arts. Marta plans to work in graphic arts and to pursue her Doctorate in Graphic Design or Fine Arts. She seeks to follow an academic career in keeping with her background; Marta´s parents are both teachers and members of her extended family have followed educational pursuits.

The projects that Marta completed for her Master´s Degree will be shared with you on charaleeg´s Word Press. Her work was to design a series of posters about Special Events that are recognized and celebrated in Iran.

We have already seen one of Marta´s designs from the Yalda series of posters that she prepared as part of her Master´s project. This design was published in my Word Press article of November 2, 2011. Today´s post provides a second work from the series, Yalda that Marta has entited ¨Ancient Rituals¨ reflecting the history of the celebration.

Yalda, the longest night of the year, (December 21st or 22nd), celebrates the winter solstice. In Iran this is called, Shab-e yalda, and refers to the rebirth of the sun. This ceremony is traced to the primal concept of light and good against darkness and evil in ancient Iranian religion. It has been said that the Persians adopted this annual festival from the Babylonians and incorporated it into their own Zoroastrian religion.

The last day of the Persian month Azar is the longest night of the year, when the forces of Ahriman are assumed to be at the peak of their strength. The next day, the first day of the month, the day of the sun, belongs to Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Wisdom and given that the days are getting longer and the nights shorter, this day marks the victory of the sun over darkness. ( Information from Culture of Iran, Festival of Yalda, Massoume Price, December 2011 and the Blog Persian Culture by Persian girls, Saturday, (April 08, 2006) Shab e Yalda (winter feast).

Two additional projects of Marta Arbab will be posted on charaleeg in the upcoming weeks: Norus (Persian New Year) and Religious and Cultural Events.

For information about her graphic art work, Marta can be contacted at