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Adel Youakim


© 2012 Adel Youakim,

Egyptian-born, Canadian-American.

¨Santa Fe seriies #2¨

acrylic on canvas, 60″(inches) x 20″,(inches) completed in September 2010.

I first met this artist during a trip to Seattle in the late 1990’s.  His art made an impact on me then as it does now.

Adel indicated that he rarely names his work as he prefers to give the viewer the opportunity to respond to each work without being guided by a name that could suggest a style, location or interpretation. He indicated that this painting is an exception to his rule and is identified as ¨¨Santa Fe seriies #2¨¨. Capital of the U.S. State of New Mexico, Santa Fe is a city that attracts artists, especially those who want to capture on canvas the beauty of Santa Fe´s landscapes and exquisite sunsets.

When asked to provide a comment about this work Adel indicated that the inspiration for the painting was “the feel and the spirit of the desert of the Southwest of the U.S., in particular, New Mexico. The colours are those of the sky and the land …. The landscape is truly spectacular, especially in the soft light of early morning and early evening.”

When asked what art styles have contributed to his art work, Adel said that that this painting was  “inspired by the early Modernists/Abstractionists whose use of colour and shape is mesmerising.¨ He went on to say that the true muses for his art works are the Abstract Expressionists because their creations are unique and open to personal interpretation.  Adel presents this painting to you for your personal interpretation.


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Text © 2012 Charalee Graydon

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