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Experiencing the Light


Parra-art is bringing works of light with a French style to Charleston, South Carolina in the exhibition of contemporary art work and poetry that will be held in May, 2012.

Parra-art will bring messages from French artists Claude Monet, Paul Signac and Geoges Seurat about their journeys and explorations with light during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  These French artists were capturing  impressions, mood and colour schemes that natural light was providing for their paintings of people and places in the outdoors.  They were creating new painting styles in response to the light and opening people´s eyes to the impact that natural light had on the subjects and scenes that they were painting.

Mariannic Parra´s paintings take us another step in the exploration of light. She has moved back into the studio to create landscape thematic paintings.  She uses coal, Plexiglas and volcanic lava to create works that appeal to the viewer for their originality and strength of design.  These works can be exhibited in both natural and industrial light, each setting providing different effects.

Like Monet, Mariannic Parra captures light at different times of the day, not by the creation of separate paintings but by creating a painting that changes its appearance in response to the time of day and lighting effects to which it is exposed. Her paintings are sensitive to time and place. This is shown as the viewer´s eyes focus on the different reflections produced by the painting. These are natural effects not trompe l’oeil. The Plexiglas medium that the artist uses allows light to enter and become a part of the painting, creating movement and change in the colours that dominate what the viewer sees.

Mariannic Parra is not alone in her journey to explore the power and importance of light in the creation of art.  North American minimalist artists, Dan Flavin and Walter di Maria have produced sculptures and installations showing the dramatic effects that different forms of light can play with colour, space, climate and natural phenomenon. Mariannic Parra and her American contemporaries, as well as the earlier French artists, illustrate that light itself is an important medium in art creation both in the studio and in the outdoors. Each artist explores the impact that light has on his or her art creation.  Each seek to manage light and each recognise that light is independent, responding to its setting and the artist that is trying to capture it.

Mariannic Parra´s work presents us with the complex and subtle world of modernity with its entanglements of darkness and light.  We appreciate what informs and motivates the artist when we see the titles to her work and the poetry describing each piece of art.  For example, the exhibition will present ¨Paroles Amputee¨ (Words Amputated) a work that speaks to communication in the 21st century as well as the piece ¨Lumiere decouverte¨ (Light Discovered), a pictorial work with a positive message for the future.

Mariannic Parra´s work is vibrant and new.  It moves with you as you survey it from different perspectives.  The emotion and impact of each work is unique as shown by the poetry that accompanies each painting; poetry that does not dictate but that responds to the work and provides a message about the painting. Mariannic Parra creates paintings that are in harmony with the past while engaging styles and mediums of the present.  Her work leaves us with an impression of luminosity and opens the door for the viewer to become part of the art experience and to work with the light as it moves across the surface of the canvas.  It is the quest to understand and master light that Marianne Parra is sharing with us.

The Parra-art works shown in this exhibition vary in size from 50 x 50 cm. to 195 x 130 cm. You can see more art works by Mariannic Parra and read the poetry of Jean.Pierre Parra by visiting the Parra.Art web site  HYPERLINK “http://www./http/” http://www.//http/

 When I interviewed the artists they indicated that they are looking forward to visiting South Carolina for this exhibition and having the opportunity to speak to people about their work.

2012. Copyright Charalee Graydon

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