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Spain Brings Us a New Dream


                                                           © 2012 Ferran Escote

Spain Brings Us a New Dream

Vibrant colour returns to the canvas in Ferran Escote´s recent paintings. An exhibition in the Municipal centre of Vinaros, Spain from the 22nd of November to the 11th of December, 2011 showed a number of large scale works of vibrant colour. Works of still life exaggerating the still but bringing views that beautify the often stark city landscape. Even the faceless blocks of buildings that Ferran Escote has painted bring colour and a sense of light to the cityscape.

Escote provides a fantasy world for everyone. This cityscape is bordered by polka-dotted and striped clouds. There is a sense of order and disorder that brings a feeling of movement to the work. Pink tulips, stars, stripes and polka dots form a diametric composition that plays with our sense of fantasy and reality. It is a work that is fun to look at and that engages the viewer. We are taken back to our childhood but we know that we are adults. The large scale dimensions (2 m.x 2 m.) remind us that we are grown but this dream has become larger than life. The painting reminds us of children’s games and colouring books. This is our new colouring book, a new toy and game that Ferran Escote has created for us.

Spain, a country where Gaudi brought us great architectural achievements. Spain, the literary world of Cervantes and home of Don Quixote. Spain and El Greco´s vision of spirituality. Spain, a young democracy where a modern painter seeks to show us a new urban landscape of intense colour. He employs floral and marine decoration with green space that reminds us of where we are, what was created for us and what we have done and will do with that creation. Art that can be said to be a vision of a new urban landscape.

This work is not fantasy but what may become reality, a world sensitive to the earth´s treasures. A world of light and colour shown in a painting that displays not the ¨surreal¨ but ¨beyond real¨. A dream that takes us to a different and perhaps better place with Spanish sensibility that is clearly visible in its festivity and light.

Ferran Escote has exhibited his paintings around the world, from Miami to the Dominican Republic and throughout Spain. He is a native of Vinaros, Spain where the city of Vinaros has paid homage to the artist by exhibiting his work in the town hall (ayuntamiento) of the city.

You can see more of Ferran Escote´s work by visiting or Ferran Escote on You Tube.

© 2012 Copyright Charalee Graydon

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